guest post by nikki gossell: using a wax seal

i met nikki from the pearly life at the seattle blogger meet & greet and thought she was super cool -- and then she started telling me how she has a wax seal that she uses for correspondence (um, amazing!) and i knew we were meant to be BFF. i asked her if she'd write up a TSP guest post about using wax seals, since i've never tried that technique myself. see below for her expertise -- thanks for sharing, nikki! - L

One of my best friends from college taught me a lot about correspondence. No, not just sending pretty cards (guilty) but sending thoughts and love; sending correspondence. For my birthday one year, she bought me a personalized wax seal stamper and metallic gold melting wax. I’ve used it on every card and letter ever since.

Just like how your stationery is a reflection of your personality, your wax seal will make a great first impression and may even become a signature part of your letters that friends will look for and love.

I adore taking this old-school idea and turning it into a fun and classic way of tying together the whole experience of giving a letter.

[image: Paper Source]


-wax stick (can be found online or at most craft stores)
-stamp - I’ve found a lot of pretty stamps online. You can get a shape, a letter, or even a custom monogram
-napkin/scrap paper


Seal your envelope. Light the wax (if it’s made for stamping it will have a wick) over the spot where you want to stamp. Wait a few seconds to have a good amount of wax melted and pooled on your envelope (about a quarter in size). Blow out the wax and set it on the napkin/scrap paper. Press your stamp firmly in the wax pool, holding for about 10-20 seconds. Remove and voila!

Tip: drips are ok! These add character and can look really great. Sometimes I even purposefully drip for drama.

Warning: you may love the look of this so much even your bills and serious mail might all start being stamped. I’m sure it would make the accountant’s day. Enjoy!

-Nikki, The Pearly Life


  1. Yay! Great post Nikki! You definitely talked me into getting a wax seal or two. How adorable would a crow and canary be?

  2. OK--this will show my age. Wax seals were all the rage in the early 70's when I was in junior high. I used them all the time. Everyone used their zodiac sign for the stamp. Thanks for the reminder, Nikki. I just might have to go back in time and start sealing again.

  3. I'm glad you both liked the post! I don't know why more people don't do it. Such a classy way to send a letter.