how to: simple DIY baby shower invites

hi guys! while i'm away at blogher today (yippee!!), i have a special guest for you. meet lindsay -- awesome name, don't you think? ;) -- a handmade stationery designer who blogs over at easy made invitations. she's here with a quick tutorial on making baby shower invitations (using paper source supplies, so she's a girl after my own heart!). take it away, lindsay!

Hi, I'm Lindsay...a wife, a mom and a girl who loves to design homemade invitations! I love the design and creativity that goes into making a great invitation.

Homemade invitations add a practical, personal and fun touch to any occasion. Creating your own handmade invitations for your parties is a great way to save money and get really creative! And, contrary to belief, they can be really easy! All your guests are sure to love receiving a fantastic homemade invitation when they're invited to your party, shower or any celebration.

I've been busy creating lots of great new invitation designs and I wanted to share this one with you. Discovering these trendy colors of lime green and chocolate were my inspiration for this super cute baby shower invitation.

The great thing about this invitation is that it's really versatile too! The colors and design would also work great for a bridal shower, birthday or anniversary party.

The supply list for this invitation is pretty easy too! Basically, just some cardstock, ribbon and you're set! I've provided the actual supply list below (with links to where you can buy each product) for your convenience.
To make the invitation I always like to cut down the papers first. That includes the chocolate base sheet and the green accent sheet. I liked the idea of a square look for this invitation, so I went with a 6-1/4"x 6-1/4" overall size. This size requires a special size envelope, which I've listed above, and may require additional postage. If you'd rather use a standard size envelope, just reduce the overall size to 5-1/2"x 5-1/2" and adjust the remaining paper layers accordingly.

Next, cut the chartreuse cardstock to a size of 5-1/4"x 4-1/2". This allows for a 1/2" reveal on the bottom and sides of the invitation, but a 1-1/4" reveal on the top to leave room for the ribbon.

The next step is to determine a text layout. I always use my printshop program to create a layout. I used a horizontal page layout and created a text block in the upper left corner. The overall size of the text sheet is 4-3/4"x 4" so, if you do it right, it's possible to fit 4 text blocks on one sheet of paper which will help reduce paper costs!

I used a fairly plain font called 'Mason' for the main portions of the text, and a fancier cursive font called 'Elegance' for the names on the invitation. I used this cute saying on the invitation too...

"On a day in July as quiet as a mouse,

a baby boy will be sleeping in the

Kesler House!

So, before we meet this baby boy,

let's shower him with linens or a toy!

Please join us as we honor the mom-to-be

Ashley Kesler"

I concluded by adding the remaining information for the shower. I also printed the main text in a brown ink and the words "Kesler House!" in a lime green ink, which helps everything blend together.

I usually do a trial and error printing on cheap printer paper until I know the layout will fit perfectly. Once the layout is exactly as it should be, print it on the white cardstock.

Next, cut that cardstock to a size of 4-3/4"x 4".

Now comes the assembly process....the really easy part! Using scrapbook mounting squares, attach the white cardstock to the green cardstock, making sure to keep it centered. There should be a 1/4" reveal of green around the white.

Next, attach the top two layers to the chocolate cardstock. Leave a 1/2" reveal on the bottom and sides and a 1-1/4" reveal on the top.

Then, using a hole punch, punch two holes centered about 5/8" down from the top and 5/8" apart. Using a length of the organza ribbon, thread both ends through the front to the back. Cross them in the back and thread them back up through the opposite holes to the front. Pull the ends snugly and trim them on an angle.

Place a mounting square under the ends if they don't want to stay in place.

That's it! Can you believe that you can make something so cute in such a short amount of time?!

If you like this invitation design, visit my website www.easymadeinvitations.com for more easy homemade invitation ideas!

Let me know what you think! I'd love to hear all the ideas you like to use for your invitations too!


thanks, lindsay! i can't wait to plan a baby shower for someone just so i can make these cute invites. friends, be sure to check out easy made invitations for tons more ideas on DIY stationery for every occasion.


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