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the seattle blogger meet & greet is over! it went so well and i was so happy to meet some new IRL seattle friends. a recap is coming soon -- jenny and i are wiped out ;)

in the meantime -- now that we've lived in seattle over a month, i decided it was time to send out some moving announcements!

moving cards are one of those "nice to send" things -- i don't feel like they're AS vital to send out like a thank you card or even a christmas card would be (you could just write a quick email to family & friends, letting them know your new addy -- boring!), but if you have the time to put one together i HIGHLY recommend doing moving announcements. it's just a fun excuse to send snail mail and keep in touch with friends -- and as we all agree, any reason to send some cute mail is a good reason. [see past moving announcement coverage here.]

that's why i was SOOO excited to work with the incredible jill from brightside prints [you might remember her from her week of guest posting while i moved] on our latest moving announcements.

brightside prints is a recent addition to the stationery world -- you visit their site, choose a design, work personally with a designer to customize the stationery to your liking (or request a new one-of-a-kind design, that they'll print for the SAME price as a pre-made card!) and then watch for your cards in the mail!

brightside prints curently features wedding announcements, party invitations, baby announcements, customized silhouette cards and more. and my favorite part about the company is that they employ a host of graphic designers who will work directly with you to make sure you get exactly what you want. since it's a smaller operation, they avoid a lot of the overhead costs of some of the other web-based stationery designers (and pass the savings onto you -- less-expensive cards!) -- plus they make it so easy to customize, something else that's hard to come by online.

[address removed to protect the innocent - ha]

i worked with jill to design our moving announcements, which are based on a design i'd seen on the site. originally, i had all these crazy ideas of different things to incorporate -- jill never told me i was crazy, she just made the changes i requested until we decided it was perfect.

one of the best parts of working with a REAL PERSON designer (instead of just semi-designing on my own online) was that jill made my requests flexible. i loved the idea of including a family photo in the backer of the card, but since we'd just moved and life was crazy i didn't have a current photo with high enough resolution. instead of cancelling my idea, jill made the photo smaller and added a little texture to make the photo work on the back. i LOVE how it turned out -- maybe even better than just leaving the whole picture :)

i can't speak highly enough of how great it was to work with jill and brightside prints on this project. be sure to consider brightside prints for all your upcoming parties, announcements and stationery needs -- especially because you can get 10% off your next order using the discount code TSP.

*brightside prints provided me with these moving announcements free of charge, but did not require me to write a review of their products. all opinions stated here are mine -- and i seriously love this company.

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