seattle paper: the container store

sooo this one isn't really specific to seattle, or necessarily paper-related...but it kind of is ;) have you been to the container store lately?


i'll admit, i've only been in there a handful of times and usually it's just to run in, grab a basket or two and run out. but the other day jack and i browsed our local store much longer than usual, and i was delighted at all the fun packaging supplies!

my container store has three full aisles of packaging -- boxes and bags in all sizes and shapes, fun random party supplies from meri meri and others, hundreds of different wrapping paper options. i mean, just look at the tissue paper selection:

i can't wait to send my next gift just so i can go there and package it up.

the only washington container store is in bellevue at lincoln square, but it's totally huge and i love it. check it out the next time you need some creative packaging paper.

the container store
700 bellevue way NE, suite 120
bellevue wa 98004


  1. I LOVE that place! Is it bad that I just wander the aisles? Which reminds me...I haven't wandered there since I've been back. And I might happen to be going to Bellevue today. Huh. :)

  2. lol! did you go today? i was totally there around lunch time and yes i bought myself some gift wrap :)