hallmark get carded challenge

i was so excited when hallmark asked if i wanted to participate in their "get carded" challenge. they send you seven cards with only one requirement: send them to seven different people, for no reason at all.

obviously i'm a huge supporter of snail mail and sending cards to let people know you're thinking of them, so i was all over it! i selected each card with a person in mind -- wrote little messages inside, addressed the envelopes and decorated each envelope. i sent cards to both sets of grandparents, a few close friends, my brother serving a mission in mexico. [i used some petite stickerie labels too, of course!]

taking a second to think about each person while i wrote their card -- and imagining the happy surprise this card will provide when they discover it in their mailbox -- made me feel so good. i'm lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life and i loved being able to send an unexpected note to tell them i love them. i haven't heard back from anyone yet, but i don't need to -- just taking a second out of my everyday life to say hello and think of these good people was enough for me.

thanks to hallmark for giving me an extra reason to send some great snail mail!


  1. I was part of a Hallmark challenge? Cool.(and thanks)

  2. can i just say...I love your rug, where did you get it? xo