introducing: tiffany lane creations

tiffany sent me an email a few weeks ago to introduce me to her shop, tiffany lane creations. all cards are handmade using stamps, pretty paper, ribbon, etc. she even makes gift tags! super cute stuff:

i really love a well done handmade card. i think it gives your message such a special touch.

this card is especially perfect for the men in your life -- i'm always telling my husband to send thank you cards, but he doesn't want to when my whole stash involves pink and flowers ;) this would be perfect, and it's customizable for any occasion:

be sure to check out the tiffany lane etsy shop for lots more. thanks for the email, tiffany!

i'm always on the lookout for new stationery designers, so if YOU are a brand new card-maker or even a seasoned letterpress printer, send me an email! stationeria (at) gmail.com.

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