seattle paper: paper delights

miss carina [from crow & canary] told me i needed to check out paper delights as soon as i got to seattle, and boy was she right -- i was beyond thrilled with this little discovery. paper delights is on 45th street in wallingford -- just down the street from trophy cupcakes, site of the 2011 seattle blogger meet & greet! -- and it is THE greatest stationery shop i've found yet. (i think.) (i've been to a lot of stationery stores.)

aisles and shelves and more aisles full of gorgeous paper happiness. seriously. take a look:

i also really liked their display tables, organized by color families. how pretty is this green and blue ikat-themed table?

even the wall behind checkout was awesome. can i get a wall like that in my apartment?

seattleites, do yourself a favor and check out paper delights NOW. you won't be disappointed.

paper delights
2205 north 45th st.
suite b
seattle, wa 98103

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  1. Love...I so have to go here. I finally am out of some cards...darn. Time to go shoppin.