seattle paper: real card studio

i've posted before about real card studio and their gorgeous wedding stationery, so i was definitely already a fan -- but when heather & the team invited me to come check out their studio in seattle, i was all over it!

my favorite part about real card studio is the personal touch. they print and assemble everything in-house (how fun would it be to sit and put stationery packages together all day?!). they have such a luxurious product line, one that's perfect for every special occasion. just ask p.diddy -- they printed his holiday cards last year! isn't it pretty?

here are a few photos from my visit to the shop:

pre-assembled stationery // a peek at the portfolio

loved checking out the stacks and shelves full of paper & envelopes in every color you can imagine.

evolution press shares the building with real card studio, and prints all the stationery for them. evolution does everything, from letterpress to offset printing to embossing to foiling!

you can find real card studio products in a stationery shop near you, or by using their handy search function here. [they're offering a fabulous holiday promotion right now too, good till 12/1!] and you'll be supporting the seattle stationery industry while you're at it!

real card studio

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  1. I had no idea such a place existed in Seattle! Checking out their site - such beautiful product. Thanks for the tip, Lyndsey!