taking notes in style

i'm a BIG list maker. always have been. but now that i'm a mom, i live and die by my lists even more than i used to. there's so much to keep track of -- shopping lists, baby stuff, play dates, work, etc. -- that i totally forget even the most important things if i don't write them down.

sometimes my lists get out of hand. check out THIS five page to do list, created around the time we moved back in june:

not too pretty, right? [though i do LOVE my planner from blue sky.]

lately i've been experimenting with keeping all my lists on my smartphone with the sticky notes app. i have a bunch of notes going -- one for groceries, one for a to do list, one to keep track of gift ideas [when your MIL asks what your baby needs for his birthday and all you can say is "uh...socks?" you KNOW you need to keep a list]. it's nice having everything in one place, and since it's on my phone i know it will be with me at all times.

typically i'm old-fashioned and like to take notes on a good old fashioned pad of paper. there's just something about writing it down and crossing it off that gives me such an accomplished feeling.

therefore, i'm always on the lookout for cute notepads. i bet many of you can relate, so i thought you might be interested in some of the gorgeous & fun notepads i've had my eye on lately:

letterpress bicycle notepad [and it's eco-friendly!] by smock paper - LOVE this one

owl notepad from paper source

candy-colored campo marzio notepads, available at kate's paperie

hilarious "get it done" zebra notepad by rifle paper co

monogrammed notepad by inkello letterpress

what do you think, fellow list-makers? do you like these choices? how do you keep track of notes?

[image at top spotted here]


  1. YES!!!! I am not alone. I am so glad someone else out there has as many to do lists as me. I currently have three notebooks going right now and I just had a heart attack because I read this post, looked down at my desk and not a single one is here. uh oh. the joys of short people and lists. Love the zebra. I think I need him. and the multi colored pretties.

  2. hi. im stalking you. I just had to say that i keep lists for gifts too! My mom and MIL ask me months in advance what I want for Christmas and I am always prepared!! I have started these lists for Rose too and it is super fun...if only i always got everything that was on the lists.