holiday by brightside prints

brightside prints just released their first holiday card line with more than 100 prints to choose from -- and i love it! SUCH fun designs, and did you know they provide complimentary printing on the back of every card?

brightside prints is the best because every order is prepared by a real, live, human graphic designer who takes care of your every need. i know from experience that they do an amazing job! (plus, brightside uses such thick, pretty paper for the cards. yum.)

anyway, back to holiday. brightside prints has a special going on for the month of october -- EVERY holiday card order gets a free set of matching address or gift labels! even if you don't have your family photos ready yet [i hear ya on that one!], you can still put an order in before nov. 1, qualify for the special, and then send the picture & info in later. such a deal.

here are some of my favorites from the 2011 collection:

recognize this one? ;)

be sure to check out brightside prints for more holiday card options. 

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  1. Thanks again for a fun night of crafting! Here's my post I wrote on my night:
    It was so nice meeting you!