how to: DIY halloween garland

well HELLO wednesday! geez, this week is flying by. we went to vancouver, canada for the weekend [it was my first time in canada, i loved it!] to celebrate our anniversary -- and obviously i've been a little behind in catching up :) in any case, i'm back!

just wanted to share a super simple halloween paper craft i whipped up last week. i wanted to make a garland to use in decorating our night of witchCRAFT -- more on that later! -- and came up with this cute little guy after jenny from hank + hunt popped out of thin air with perfect printables. thank you, jenny. you knew exactly what i needed!

[image from michelle paige]

i printed out a few sheets of the printables, punched them out with my new handy-dandy 2 1/2-inch recollections punch, then punched a bunch more circles out of a martha stewart halloween paper pad and some orange cardstock. [i used double-sided tape to glue the printables to heavier paper, since the regular printer paper was too thin and could tear easily.] then i just ran them through my sewing machine with brown thread, making sure to alternate patterns.

voila! the easiest garland known to woman.

seriously -- i came up with the idea on monday morning and made the whole thing, start to finish, during a conference call and my baby's naptime that afternoon. it was ready for hanging at the witchCRAFT event that night. piece of cake!

[image from michelle paige]

i'm already scheming my next paper punch garland...thinking a christmas one is definitely in order.


  1. You know I love paper circle garlands! Very cute!

  2. Yay!! So cute!! I'm so glad you found something fun to make with the printies! Thx for the link sweetie! xo