how to throw a holiday paper party: the invites

hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving! now that thanksgiving is over, it's officially christmas season in my home and i'm SO excited. to kick off the holiday season, i'm sharing some of my best party tips -- all related to paper, of course. 

a few weeks ago, i threw a holiday stationery party. it wasn't even thanksgiving yet, but i knew it was important to get a jump start on all the fun christmas stuff coming our way. i invited a few friends over on a thursday night for a DIY card-making night.

i truly believe that invitations set the stage for any party, big or small. if you make an effort [i.e. go beyond an evite and actually send something in the mail!], i think it lets your guests know that your party is going to be special and unique. paper party invitations are a MUST, in my opinion. 

i chose to print my invitations through paper culture. you know i love their fun designs and their eco friendly practices -- and i found a great snowflake design that didn't look too christmas-y. after all, it was november.

paper culture orders come in cute little cardboard boxes with recycled shredded paper for padding. nothing is better than getting a package full of pretty stationery in the mail :) 

to dress my invitations up a little bit, i sealed each one with a holiday label [these are from paper source] and tied some baker's twine around the envelope. 

then i hand-wrote the name of each recipient on the envelopes and i was good to go. luckily all the girls i invited live in my neighborhood, so i just handed the invitations out in person. 

there you have it -- my little party was off to a good start. come back wednesday for part two of my holiday paper party.

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