how to throw a holiday paper party: the activities

welcome back! now that thanksgiving is over, it's officially christmas season in my home and i'm SO excited. to kick off the holiday season, i'm sharing some of my best party tips -- all related to paper, of course. 

after handing out my invitations, the question i got almost immediately was "so what are we going to do?" ha. sometimes i forget that the rest of the world isn't as into stationery as i am. in case you are also wondering that same thing, i am here to help.

since christmas is around the corner, that means it's time to start thinking holiday cards. getting christmas cards in the mail from friends and family is my #1 favorite thing about this time of year, so i always make sure to send my own cards out too. whether you order your cards or send handmade, it's going to take some time to prep everything. getting some friends together to do it with you is a great way to turn an otherwise tedious process into a party!

in my case, i have a ton of card-making supplies but no time to use them. getting friends to come over and craft with me is the perfect excuse to get it all out. i spread all my supplies out on the counter and we went to town. 

[glitter paper, holiday patterned paper pack and most of my ribbon is all from american crafts. don't forget about their warehouse sale if you're in utah!]

some of my friends complained they weren't "crafty" or "creative" enough for that. to which i said, yeah RIGHT! seriously, even the self-proclaimed least-crafty women came up with the cutest cards by the time we were done. you'd be surprised what you can come up with when you sit down and let your creative juices start flowing. 

but, regardless of talent, some people just want to order their cards. so i invited honna garza, the seattle area's paperly representative, to come to my party too. 

honna set up an awesome table full of amazing holiday goodness from paperly -- there were christmas cards, tags and ornaments but also plenty of stationery-related gift ideas. address stamps, note cards, kids' supplies, you name it -- my friends and i had a blast going through all the stuff and picking out some holiday presents.

so THAT's what you do at a holiday stationery party -- in my house, at least. for more holiday stationery party ideas, check out post 1 -- and come back friday for more on decor & food ideas. 

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  1. How fun and what a great idea! Especially if the people invited have children to bring.