party paper: movie party printables

last week, i mentioned that jenny from hank + hunt is a mind-reader. those halloween printables seriously popped up right when i needed them. BUT this wasn't the first time she became my psychic party planner.

our apartment complex here in seattle has a mini movie theater in the clubhouse, and since we moved in i've been planning a little movie night party in my head. [the party was indefinitely on hold -- just needed to make some friends before i could actually throw the party, lol!] THEN, a few weeks ago, jenny posted about some movie party printables she created for glue dots.

how did she know this was exactly what i needed?! jenny, i am SO honored that you are my IRL friend... you are one talented lady. [did you hear she's also a new diy contributor for oh happy day?]

[images courtesy of glue dots]

these printables are the perfect way to incorporate cute paper crafts into a fun, simple party to give it an extra-special touch. there are printable invitations, garlands, cupcake toppers, popcorn cones and way more. genius.

get me some new friends, stat -- i am so throwing this party.

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  1. Thanks sweetie! Those film reels are some of my favorites...I wish I could use my psychic powers for the lotto!