just wanted to introduce you to my newest obsession: smash books.

i learned about these books over the summer, heard buzz about it online, and finally decided to check it out for myself. basically, a smash book is a scrapbook/journal for people [like me] who don't really have time to scrapbook/journal.

it's a book [which comes in 7 different styles], full of a variety of pretty paper. smash books also come with a nifty pen+gluestick built right in, to make journaling and gluing easy. then, the rest is up to you -- fill in the book with whatever thoughts, momentos, treasures and photos that come to mind. the book itself is totally cute, so you add in your stuff and it becomes an instant keepsake.

let me tell you why i love my smash book. i've always been a fan of journaling and have faithfully kept a personal diary for 10 years. BUT that's all it is: a journal. i've also held onto random little memories over the years -- concert tickets, receipts, brochures, metro cards, whatever -- and had nowhere to put them. i scrapbooked for approximately 2 1/2 years in high school / college but let's be serious, who has time for that? since jack was born, i've felt an even greater need to preserve our lives so he can look back when he's older and see what this exciting time was like for our little family of 3 before it flew by.

enter: my smash book. after much consideration i finally opted for the simple style [love the graph paper & vintage-y printed sheets] and have already started filling it up with my random odds and ends. so far i've included symphony tickets from a recent date, a thank you card from our anniversary trip hotel and some pretty leaves i collected on that weekend too. i can't wait to fill up more! [plus i really love to say SMASH - i think that is a perfect name for this product.]

you can get a smash book online, or at a variety of stores [i've seen it at paper source, and i bought mine at impress]. check out a video here of how to smash YOUR story. plus, smash accessories include mini books, notepads, calendars, tabs and even polka dot tape to make your book even more awesome. check it out and let me know what you think!

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