how-to: holiday card display

it's the most wonderful time of the year -- time for christmas cards!! i LOVE sending and receiving christmas cards every year and [because i'm a total dork] i start planning our cards way back in october. you'll get a peek at the wells family card next week, but in the meantime -- what do you do with your holiday cards?

i personally like to display my cards in my living room so i can enjoy the photos and greetings from friends and family throughout the christmas season. my mom collects all of hers in a cute reindeer basket on her coffee table. some people [gasp!] take a look at their cards and throw them away. tragic.

this year, i tried something different -- i stretched sparkly holiday ribbon across our front closet and pinned the cards on with clothespins. i wanted to spray paint or modpodge the clothespins, but ran out of time & steam. maybe next year. i think it looks festive and cute, though -- and it's very versatile. more cards come in the mail? just add more ribbon.

here are a few more ideas, from around the web AND from some of my favorite bloggers -- cool and creative ways to display your holiday cards.

a cute "christmas corner," complete with fresh pine boughs and beautiful cards. [from carina at crow and canary.]

clever wreath made from colorful clothespins -- this is much better door decor than mine :) [from brianne & danielle at ravenna girls]

pinned to a string of lights around a bookcase. [from melanie at fifth and hazel.]

post cards and sparkly ornaments on a cute mirror for a shimmery, festive backdrop. [from minted.]

turn them into art -- use a punch to cut circles from the holiday card patterns, then sew them into a wreath. [from better homes & gardens.]

post them on the wall. [from dana at MADE.]

any ideas you've seen and loved? i'd love to hear -- please post in the comments.

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  1. Great ideas Lyndsey! Just last year I started displaying them on our pantry door. I loved these ideas as they are fancier than how I have mine (just taped on the door...haha).

    Hope you had a great weekend. Talk to you soon!