2012 planners: blue sky

hooray, it's 2012! you know what that means -- time for a new planner. there are so many ways -- and apps -- to keep your calendar in check these days, but i will always be partial to a good old-fashioned paper planner. and right now i'm in the middle of finding a new one! i've been going crazy, making plans for the new year but not being able to write them down, so i need one STAT.

i'm still researching options, but thought i'd share some of my favorites this week -- starting with blue sky. i used an egg press for blue sky planner throughout 2011 and i LOVED it. i felt happy every time i pulled out the robins egg blue notebook and got to write something down. (it even held up after getting thrown around in my giant purse and chewed on by a toddler.) lucky for all of us, egg press is back with new designs for 2012!

susy jack is also back for 2012 with a tablet calendar and different sizes (and colors!) of planners:

blue sky has a variety of other designs in planners -- i especially like the dominique and grace versions:

blue sky products are available for purchase online via their website, on amazon, or in stores like target and office max. hope you like yours as much as i've loved mine! 


  1. I have to use a planner. I have tried using online ones, my phone one...but I always come back to the tried and true pencil and paper. Two that I like are Mom Agenda and Busy Body Calendars. I love the colors of the blue eggs calendar! :)

    Hope you had a great holiday!

  2. You get me every year with the blue sky post. Had to go get one of their big planner calendars from target today:)