ALT, national stationery show, and catching up

whew! what a crazy past few days. last week i hopped on a plane to salt lake city just as seattle was experiencing its worst snowstorm in 30 years -- and spent 4 days at the altitude design summit. the conference was amazing, inspiring and SO much fun.

i'll have much more to tell you about that later this week, but in the meantime -- i wrote a column for the national stationery show's paperclips newsletter and it's live today!

i wrote about three trends in the stationery world that i think we'll continue to see a lot of in 2012 -- click here to see what they are! i'm especially grateful to marsupial paper, courtney khail and susy jack for providing me with perfect product images to include.

anyway, since i'm pretty much drowning in work and catch-up from being gone last week, i'm extending the deadline for the handmade valentine swap until wednesday. i'll be back then with our officemax winner too. thanks for your understanding & i'll see you soon!

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