good idea: DIY custom stationery

i was excited to learn about a new line from bell'invito called i pezzi -- it's a printable DIY stationery collection! you buy your supplies -- envelopes, liners and cards -- and once they arrive you can print any design onto the cards right from adobe illustrator. high quality paper, pretty designs...it's a classy way to make your own stationery.

there are more than 80 styles (!) of envelope liners, all pre-cut and ready to go. forget printing my own stationery, i'd just buy the envelopes and liners and use them for every card i send out this year! :)

 [all images courtesy of bell'invito]

since the packs are designed for at-home assembly, you can host a little stationery-making party once your supplies arrive! i can think of nothing better to do on a cold winter night than having a few friends over, eating some cookies and crafting pretty stationery.

valentines, wedding invitations, birthday invitations, baby announcements -- the possibilities are endless. your DIY stationery options just got a whooole lot better!

purchase i pezzi products at bellinvito.com -- and for more on bell'invito, check out these posts:


  1. i Pezzi party!! That was our thoughts exactly! Thank you so much for this wonderful blog - you nailed exactly why I LOVE this new line! xx - h

  2. i'm so glad! i love them -- i think it's such a great, practical idea.