handmade valentine swap 2012!

it's january, and do you know what that means??

it's time for the second annual handmade valentine swap!

last year's swap was a huge success -- i knew planning one for 2012 was a must. we had participants from all around the country and world, and i LOVED hearing about all the pretty cards everyone made & how much they loved getting real mail. personally, i have already become depressed by the state of my mailbox this month -- i totally miss all the fun cards that showed up each day in december, since now we're back to bills and ads. and it's always nice to have a reason to get crafty!

so here's how it works:

>> email me at stationeria [at] gmail.com before january 25 with the following info:
email address
blog URL / twitter handle [if applicable]
ok to swap with international partners?

>> i'll match you with up to 4 swap partners. they'll be randomly assigned and [if you're okay with it] could be international. look for an email from me with info on your partners before january 30.

>> then, you create and send valentines to your swap partners -- you'll need to get them in the mail no later than tuesday, february 7

after that, sit back and wait for your valentines to roll in! 

i answered a bunch of faq's about the swap, like "do i have to be a blogger to participate?" [no!] and "do i have to make the cards by hand?" [kinda] in this blog post, so check that out or email me if you have any questions. the main intent of the card swap is to make pen pal friends -- so send your partners a pretty piece of mail, with a handwritten message inside. [we're not sending blank valentines for them to use later -- it's a valentine greeting for them now.]

can't wait to see what you all come up with -- let the valentine swap officially begin! <3


  1. just signed up! I can't wait :) thanks for hosting!

  2. Awesome! I sign-up as well and am passing it on! I also work with paper (mostly turning them into books...https://www.facebook.com/reimaginedbyluna) and am excited to have this as a fun, creative thing to work on. I also love that it is world-wide! So fun!

  3. Your so passinate about writing and look forward to many more updates!!Stationery Requisition Form

  4. I enjoyed this last year, making cards just weeks before my baby was born. I'm busier than ever, but I'm signing up. Thanks for organizing!