DIY grandparent valentines

i can take exactly ZERO credit for this idea -- i spotted these cute stamped valentine cards on hello jack [fabulous name, don't you think? ;) ] and knew i had to try them out. you use a toilet paper roll to create a heart shape, then stamp it in paint before sticking it on a card. perfect for my 18-month-old jack! and perfect to send to all our much-missed relatives in other states.

i used pre-cut and pre-folded cards from american crafts, rescued the toilet paper roll from our recycling bin and grabbed some crayola finger paint i have on hand for moments just like this. i demo'ed the stamping for jack exactly one time before he was ready to try it himself -- and he wouldn't stop! he LOVED stamping hearts. i made him stop after a few on the cards but let him go wild on some old newspaper.

then i dressed the cards up a little bit with some washi tape and patterned paper. naturally mama has to get in on this crafty action :)

my little "helper" -- he made a mess while i got crafty. thanks buddy!

this whole project took way less than an hour, start to finish (done in our pj's, no less!) -- and now i have super-cute handmade valentines to send to the grandparents. score!

for more of my handmade valentines over the years, check these out:


  1. Those turned out great! my Jack is not as need yet though... all he wanted was to smear the paint ;)

  2. This is amazing! I am going to try this with my 17 month old! I love the idea!!

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  4. thanks guys! seriously, i thought it was the perfect craft for our 2-and-under crowd. big kudos to maria for spreading the word :)