a few more valentines

since today IS the last day of february (leap day william, anyone??) i thought i'd leave you with one final handmade valentine roundup. from what i've seen, everyone did such a great job!

hand-stamped (with blush! genius) by kaylyn cole:

porcupines & bunting?? love it. from hannah-made:
sparkly valentines with a tiny envelope on the front (in my favorite color too!) from melissa's paper creations:

hand-painted hearts from ilene books:

shrinky dink valentines with handmade bookmarks! from alicia at the creative vault:

thanks again to everyone who participated...i can't wait for next year! xo


  1. Thanks for the spotlight! Everyone had such great valentine ideas. Can't wait to participate again next year!

  2. your color combo was awesome! i definitely hope you sign up in 2013 :)