good idea: free valentine printables & ideas

my friend muffin from sweet muffin suite has teamed up with sharon from lemon squeezy to design six days of free valentine printables! [muffin is basically amazing -- some of her graphic design work is featured on products at TARGET! sooo legit.]

the girls are halfway done so stay tuned this week for more. seriously, these are the cutest.

while we're talking about sa-weet valentine countdowns, my friend lindsay is chronicling her 14 favorite valentine ideas on linniebell. so far she's covered treat bags, heart-shaped jewelry and red velvet hot chocolate -- YUM! can't wait to see what else is in store.

also, the very talented sara at confetti sunshine featured a great tutorial on a valentines breakfast, complete with free printable downloads. i think i will be using some of these muffin toppers and pancake flags for MY valentine festivities this year. she even has some yummy-sounding recipes to try and cute matching invitations to hand out.

and, if you're participating in the 2012 handmade valentine swap, don't forget that all your cards need to be in the mail by tomorrow! i've already gotten a few and they are SO adorable. can't wait to share them with you next week.

** all images from their respective sources.


  1. i totally spaced participating in the swap! next year, for sure. yay for shout outs! ♥


  2. Wow, thanks for the intro to these seriously talented artists and their sites!

  3. Oooh, very good idea! I'm taking notes now -- make a delectable breakfast for Valentines... My mom used to make us crepes on Vday! Oh, the fond memories of Valentines as a child.

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