good idea: secret love notes for v-day

have you ever heard of a punch box? i hadn't, until i saw these cute modern ones created by leafcutter designs. it's a box made out of letterpress paper, tissue paper and washi tape, and when you punch out each circle with a pencil, a tiny little message pops out!

leafcutter sent me one to try out, and i thought it was really cool. jack especially loved trying to catch the messages once they shot out of the box -- i guess i'm an aggressive puncher :)

there are two versions, one with pre-written notes like the one above, and a slight more expensive one where you can customize all the messages. i think this would be such a fun way to send a love letter or even propose. if you want to send one to your valentine this year, leafcutter recommends ordering by this sunday to make sure it arrives by feb. 14. happy punching!


  1. super unique idea - thanks for sharing these!

  2. glad you guys like them! the punch box was seriously so fun to play with. i felt like i was decoding a secret message :)