the great handmade valentine swap of 2012

the handmade valentine swap has come to a close! this year was mostly a success -- i loved hearing from our 70+ participants about all the creative, colorful and thoughtful valentines in the mail! a HUGE thank you to everyone who played along, and to those who sent me a card too -- i hope you loved getting extra mail this year.

BUT, this years's swap was tainted by a few valid complaints. some participants were MIA, others didn't appear to put much effort into their cards, and i definitely hope to be able to remedy these problems in the future. :(

in the meantime, here are photos of some of the awesome valentines sent out this year! all images were submitted to me by their respective owners. don't see your card here? email me a photo and i'll feature you in another roundup!

jody from the hobby room made the most amazing vinyl pockets that you can send right through the mail! genius, no? i had no idea you could do something like this and now my wheels are turning with other possibilities for fun mail packages. check out the hobby room for a full tutorial.

dawn from not just a mommy made TWO versions of her valentine. i loved the rock candy package she sent to local friends -- and she detailed the cute seattle-stamped cards on her blog.

my mom, the midlife guru, even got in on the action! she made a cute little valentine bunting with patterned paper and embroidery thread -- read more here.

deanna tourville made some lovely hand-stamped cards -- the owl is my favorite:

paper collage cards by liz friedman:

megan mach's finger-painted butterflies, sewn onto cardstock with thumbprint hearts:

love birds by becky luis:


  1. What great ideas!!! I couldn't believe you actually got the plastic pouch in the mail. I thought the Seattle rain clouds were also adorable. Can't wait until next year!!

  2. Hi there, I was happy to play again this year, and look forward to next year. I too, express disappointment in not receiving two cards of my four participants, but I thank those who participated and had fun! Fun mail is the best!

  3. Thank you for organizing it, Lyndsey! Sadly I am with Melissa above: only received 2/4 cards. I was one the fortunate recipients of the Seattle cloud card. :) I forgot to send you pics of the cards I made. I look forward to next year's swap!

  4. SO sorry about the no-shows :( we'll try to fix that for next year!