my faves: wooden stationery

i think wooden stationery is so cool. i've been a longtime fan of night owl paper goods and their flat wooden cards, but i've noticed wood popping up more and more in the stationery world of late.

when i was at ALT, business cards were a BIG deal -- they were all so creative and unique. [check out this fun round-up from kirtsy.] but my very favorite one came from katie at salt + pine (a fellow seattle blogger, woot). her design was letterpressed into a wood card!

the cards were printed by print and grain, based in portland. i LOVE how they turned out. no matter how many brightly colored paper cards i got at the conference (and i got a LOT -- not going to lie, i didn't always care about who i was getting a card from as long as i was getting a card, they were so pretty and fun to collect!), i always remembered the unique wooden card from katie. kind of reminded me of the cool wooden cards danyelle from dandee had at alt last year! [i mentioned those in feb 2011, guess i've always had a thing for wood.]

jenny from hank & hunt made wooden valentines this year for the handmade valentine swap! more info on the swap results next week, but in the meantime how cute are these?! the valentine envelopes also included tiny wooden bunting.

[photo from hank & hunt]

then, just this week i came across a cool way to bring wooden stationery -- or, faux wood, if you want to be technical -- into everyday life.

i received a wedding announcement this week from a family friend. i'm a pretty tough critic when receiving stationery in real life, especially if it's a handmade invitation -- i have high standards. :) but, in the world of DIY wedding announcements, i thought this one was perfect!

broc and charlie's wedding announcement had a topiary theme. the flat card and photo were wrapped in a folded doily, tied shut with a crimson ribbon. the couple's "b&c" motif, designed to look like something you'd carve into a tree, was present on each piece of the package.

they printed the announcement on wood-grain cardstock, which made the "b&c" stand out like a real tree carving. i love the typography they chose, and the cute photo set in -- where else? -- a wooded grove. 

[all photos except jenny's by me]

simple, pretty, and clever -- all the elements i like to see in a wedding announcement. good work, friends!

p.s. -- do you think my photography has improved in recent posts? i got a sweet grown-up camera -- a canon t3i -- for christmas, and i've been taking photoshop classes lately too. hopefully my new equipment and skills are providing a better viewing experience for you loyal readers :)


  1. Thanks, Lyndsey! There were so many creative cards at Alt...I'm glad you liked mine! I love the valentine and invite you shared. I think I'm completely obsessed with anything wood, woodgrain, etc, so I really enjoy seeing how other people use it! :)

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