teaching your kids to love mail

hi friends! heads up -- i've started a new column especially for kid-friendly paper crafts, like this one and our toddler valentines. i'm always on the lookout for fun, simple crafts i can do with jack and i know lots of other moms are too -- so check back often for new ideas!

i saw the CUTEST craft idea -- make your own post office! -- on no time for flashcards a few weeks ago, and knew i wanted to do it for jack. we're huge fans of snail mail here at the stationery place (duh!) and i think it's never too early to get your kiddos on the mail train. what better way to start than by creating their very own mailbox?

check out no time for flashcards for the full tutorial, but here's my take on it. we covered an old box [great way to repurpose my swag box from alt summit!] with kraft paper and i let jack color on it. as you can see, he's not very wild when it comes to art.

i cut a slot in the side of the box, and then it was time to get the mail ready. i have a bazillion envelopes in my stationery supply, so i gave three to jack. he LOVED decorating them with stickers, "stamps," and markers. (we used decorative labels from petite stickerie and some random letter stickers i found in my craft closet.)

and then it was mail time! i used the box upside down and didn't cover the lid, so once all the mail was in the mailbox you could just lift the box and pull the letters out, rather than trying to get them out through the slot. pretty easy for even the smallest kids to maneuver. plus, we got to work on jack's hand eye coordination with all the practice he got in sliding the envelopes into the mailslot. win.

i kid you not, we spent about two hours on this project and jack loved every minute. decorating the box and envelopes took up a lot of time, but he sat there and "sent" his letters over and over. this was like an eternity in toddler time ;) [btw don't mind his baby mullet...he got a hair cut the night after i took these photos :) ]

there you have it -- a good way to work on toddler motor skills AND a way to get them excited about mail. jack is always eager to help me check our real mailbox and i hope one day he'll be just as enthusiastic about sending letters as i am. hooray for mail!


  1. I love this. Will be doing this with my son this week!

  2. Very clever. It looks like you all had a really fun time. Also, I love this new feature. Good ideas for grandmas to use too!!!

  3. thanks! @kristine, you'll have to tell me how it turns out!