TSP announcements!

just wanted to share some news from the stationery place.

first of all, you might notice my URL has changed! after 3 years of blogging i decided it was finally time to become "professional" and drop the .blogspot from the web address -- welcome to the new www.thestationeryplace.com! looks better already, don't you think? but don't worry, no need to update your google readers because the old address will always redirect you right back here.

also, a note on my post scheduling. i've been regularly posting 3x / week for the past year, mostly because with a part-time freelance job, a baby, a husband and some hobbies i just couldn't fit in any more than that. i love blogging at TSP, but i have to be honest -- i don't love it enough to let it control my entire life. i hear from bloggers all the time who feel burned out or over-pressured by a self-imposed NEED to blog, and i can totally relate -- i started feeling like that right before jack was born. but i didn't want to live my life that way! so, i created the "3 posts per week" rule and immediately started feeling better. now i'm actually excited to post, i don't feel as much pressure, and (best of all!) knowing i only get 3 posts each week means i narrow down my choices to post only the things i REALLY like.

anyway, with that said, i might be popping in a little more often (when time allows) in the next few months because i just have too much pretty paper to share! don't be surprised if you see 4 or (gasp!) even 5 posts here each week...but don't get too used to it either ;)

and now, for some really exciting news -- i'll be introducing a few new regular features this week, including kids' paper craft ideas and a seattle-locals column. check back soon for more details!

[image at top from printerette press - "oh happy day" letterpress card]


  1. YAY HURRAY for your own domain, I know how excited we were to make that leap, its like going from renting to buying :) Can't wait to see wht you have up your sleeve :)

  2. aw, thanks :) so happy to have your support :)