book review: i heart stationery

stationery lovers, take note: there's a new must-have book to add to your collection.

i heart stationery just came out yesterday, and the publishers at rizzoli new york offered to send me a copy to review. yes please! as soon as i saw the cover, i knew i was going to love it -- the same recipe cards from 1canoe2 (which i covered here on TSP way back in march 2009!) were right on the front! obviously, author charlotte rivers and i have a lot in common when it comes to paper appreciation.

the book is divided into 8 chapters, detailing a variety of techniques like screen printing, calligraphy, papercutting and letterpress that make the world of stationery such a beautiful handcrafted industry. each chapter begins with a brief overview of the medium which i found very interesting, including a little history of the art and a list of useful tools. the overview is followed by a lengthy roundup of examples of each type of art, with a bunch of expert artisans listed.

flipping through the book was like taking a lesson in good stationery techniques -- with plenty of beautiful pictures to enjoy, of course. i thought it was so fun to see some of my favorite stationers featured throughout the book -- TSP regulars like meant to be calligraphy, smock, 1canoe2 and egg press -- AND discover a ton of new-to-me designers. i can't wait to google all of these people ;) plus, there's a "resources" section in the back that details suppliers, stationery trade shows, and all the contributor details.

all images courtesy of rizzoli new york

if you're looking for a gift idea for any stationery-lovers in your life or want a beautiful craftsmanship book for your own shelf, i totally recommend this one. 192 pages full of gorgeous paper and interesting facts -- what more could you need? i heart stationery is available wherever fine books are sold (but i found it on amazon & barnesandnoble.com for all you online shoppers). pick up a copy today and let me know what you think!

i was sent a copy of i heart stationery to review, but i didn't receive any compensation for this post. all reviews are mine all mine. 


  1. ohhhh pretty! You better write the 2nd edition- you knew all the peeps that were featured!

  2. Looks like a really fun book - that dinosaur card is too cute. I like that they throw some DIYs in there, too, instead of just a catalog of contemporary cards.

  3. totally agree, brianne -- i was excited to see such a good variety.

    and lol leandra! sure, i'd love to. now just tell the publishers that ;)