cards in real life: blue barnhouse

i have a major thing for tom hanks. sleepless in seattle is my favorite movie of ALL time -- i got engaged at the top of the empire state building because of it, and that movie was the sole reason i was okay with moving to seattle without ever stepping foot in washington.

anyway, a few days ago my husband and i were randomly discussing mr. hanks (what? is he not a frequent topic of conversation at your house too?) and i pointed out the very intellectual and astute fact that his first initial + last name is "t.hanks" = THANKS. get it?

yesterday, my husband came home from work and handed me a little kraft envelope. (he brings me cute random cards all the time because a.) he is romantic and b.) he works in the same building as a paper source.) i laughed out loud when i saw the card:

blue barnhouse and i must think along the same lines :) love it!

(card available for online purchase here, along with a bunch of other awesome thank you cards.)


  1. do you follow him on twitter? He signs his tweets "hanx" which I think is funny.

  2. Here's a link for you. I just happened to see it the same day as I read your post! Tom and Rita were caught on the Kiss Cam at a sporting event: http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nhl-puck-daddy/watch-tom-hanks-rita-wilson-fall-victim-la-140926644.html

  3. yes i follow him on twitter. and melissa that clip is hilarious!! thanks for sharing.