DIY countdown chain

here's another kids' paper craft idea -- making a countdown chain. my little brother has been in mexico for the past two years, serving a mission for our church, but he gets home next month! yay! he has never met jack because i was pregnant when he left. we're SO excited to go and see him, and i'm trying to help jack figure out what's going on -- so i thought making a countdown chain might be a fun way to let him know our trip is getting closer. 

this is a simple, quick craft you can do to count down to any special occasion -- birthdays, vacations, whatever. just customize the colors and you're good to go!

first gather your supplies -- i cut a bunch of strips of construction & patterned paper. 

i wrote a number on each strip and let jack decorate them too. he's really into markers right now. 


i assembled the chain with double-sided tape. jack was more interested in finding alternative uses for it :)

and then we were ready to hang it and start counting down!

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