good idea: QR codes

you might have seen an awesome article in the new york times last month about the clever use of QR codes on wedding invitations. in this digital age, i think using a QR code (or, in other words, a square design that you can scan with your smartphone to be quickly directed to a website -- you've probably seen them on signs around town or on different products) is such a fun way to share a lot of info with your guests. why pack an envelope full of cards when you can share a QR code that will take your guests to your wedding registry, photos, ceremony info and more?

one of the featured designers in that article, ben pham from black wolf press, gave me an inside look at what the design process was like for this unique invitation. it was part of a letterpress wedding suite for the wedding of michelle dinh & ryan mclaughlan (see more of their wedding on green wedding shoes -- it's amazing!).

ben says: i was excited when my friend michelle mentioned the idea of a QR code for her invitations, because i love the idea of using an antique process to produce contemporary designs. as someone who does a lot of corporate design work, it was neat to mash both worlds together.    

the main concern i had was whether or not the printed QR code in the color michelle wanted would be scannable by the variety of QR code readers and apps. she wanted a light grey code on a white stock, so we had some problems scanning the code, especially when the shadows of the paper impression made the code less crisp and harder to read.

it took a TON of trial and error, but we did it. getting the QR code to work was just a matter of getting the proper contrast by darkening the grey a little bit so the scanner could pick it up. 

when everything was finished up, they packaged the invitation in sewn fabric pouches in coordinating colors.

[all photos courtesy ben pham & michelle dinh]

thanks, ben, for this fascinating look into the next generation of wedding invitations!

did you know YOU could generate your own QR code? there are sites online where you can just plug in the text you want it to follow (in this case, michelle & ryan's wedding website URL) and it will generate a code for you, which you can then publish in any color. think of all the possibilities -- use a personalized QR code for a baby shower, party, church function, school bake sale...any place you need to get a lot of information across in a quick way. 

what do you think, readers? would you ever incorporate a QR code into your stationery?

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  1. My dad works for a professional printing co. and has been trying to convince me to use QR codes for awhile now. I love that these were incorporated in a soft, pretty way.