introducing: isavirtue stationery

here's a look at a very cool stationery shop, isavirtue. kaitlyn is a fellow PNWer and an advocate for snail mail, so i knew we had a lot in common right from the start :) isavirtue specializes in handmade envelopes, cards, seals and everything you need to send some pretty mail. they've also got a fine selection of journals, writing paper and envelope confetti that we paper fiends go crazy over ;)

kaitlyn writes, with the advent of email, the majority of people stopped sending personalized letter and notes. i hope my products will encourage people to take a little bit more time in choosing a unique paper product and adding their own personalized note.  

[all images courtesy isavirtue]

kaitlyn has also created the mail art challenge, which sounds like a total blast. read more about that on the isavirtue blog. long live snail mail!

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