#marchphotoaday 1-10

this month, i decided to play along with fatmumslim's photo a day challenge. here's the premise: you get a different prompt for every day of the month, and then you document a corresponding photo from your life -- sharing it via any and all of your social media networks (facebook, instagram, etc. -- and especially twitter, where you can follow everyone who's playing along via the #marchphotoaday hashtag).

i've really liked seeing what other people have come up with for their photos -- sort of a new & different peek into some of my favorite bloggers' daily lives -- so i thought i'd try it out.

i realize this doesn't really fit into my normal paper-loving theme on the stationery place, though, so i'm not going to bombard you with a zillion pictures. feel free to click through at the jump if you want to see my march photos so far...if not, no worries -- come back monday for more of our regularly scheduled programming :)

day 1 // UP
my view from the couch while watching parks & rec, our favorite thursday night activity:

day 2 // FRUIT
jack's current fruit (?) of choice.

view from my balcony. i quite literally live on the side of a mountain...surrounded by lots of parking lots.

day 4 // BEDSIDE
boring -- ikea lamp, clock radio i've had since junior high, magazine, journal, scriptures.

day 5 // A SMILE
my favorite little guy.

day 6 // 5 PM
5 p.m. everyday finds me trying to entertain the kiddo for the last few minutes before dad gets home and we both get a break. it's kind of a desperate time of day for us ;)

i was really proud of this one because i actually wore a cute outfit that day with a new shirt from target. and then i accidentally deleted the picture. #FAIL.

day 8 // WINDOW
i almost forgot about this one until it was late at night :) snapped a shot through my windshield (window?) of my drive home.

day 9 // RED
my drink of choice...rhubarb soda from DRY soda, a local seattle company.

day 10 // LOUD
jack has developed a really weird fear of loud noises and is particularly terrified of the blender. too bad this has also coincided with my newfound love for spinach-berry smoothies.

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