meet the stationeria: shira rose

minted designer shira rose has a very cool story behind one of her newest stationery designs, an elegant hello. i'm always so intrigued by the inspiration and motivation behind a piece of beautiful stationery, and i loved learning intimate details about shira's family and her beloved grandmother -- and then seeing how it all came together to create this pretty card. today, i'm sharing an interview all about an elegant hello.

The Stationery Place: Tell us how you came up with the idea for An Elegant Hello.

Shira: This photograph shows my inspiration…it was taken 50 years ago of my ultra lovely and sophisticated grandmother, Marge, who today is 90 years old. Today she is still a sensation of class and glamour. In fact, she recently celebrated her 90th birthday with a huge party, and I created the invites. Making those invitations are what pushed me to jump into designing head first without looking back.

TSP: Hooray, party invitations! How did you create those?

Shira: I created this glamour board to help with planning the invitation for her party. It contains pictures of her glamming it up on the beach, the dance floor at home and on a pier. One hot number!!!

Marge is a New Yorker....first generation as her parents were originally from Europe... the whole American story.  She is so loved...she had over 100 people come from as far away places as Paris to attend her 90th birthday weekend bash.  I have never felt more proud then listening to people get up to give her cheers and share heartwarming stories on how she has deeply changed their lives. Amazing. I had the good fortune to be raised in her home by her and in so many ways she is my mommy too!!

TSP: What type of work do you do for Minted?

Shira: I'm an emerging designer in the social stationery industry, and presently most of my work can be found on Minted.com. Like you I so adore the world of stationery.  To me it is like spreading happy one design at a time. I loved showcasing one of my favorite people with An Elegant Hello -- it showcases an era of elegance and grace and thanks to people like Adele it seems we are seeing this style and flair emerge again.

thanks, shira, for sharing this lovely little story with us. be sure to check out all her designs on minted (such cute baby announcements & save the dates!). 

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring my Elegant Hello and most importantly for sharing details of my oh soooo amazing Grandmother Marge. It means so much to me!!!

  2. Love this!!! So fun. Shira does wonderful work. She recently designed my new address cards that I mailed out which were super chic.

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