meet the stationeria: twigs print studio

thought it was time to bring back a little TSP series i like to call "meet the stationeria" -- an inside look at some of the most creative people in the stationery industry. today, i'm talking to katie woodard from twigs print studio!

twigs print studio is a one stop shop for modern wedding invitations, baby announcements, home prints and greeting cards. i think katie has such a unique eye for fun borders and accent designs, and i love all the fun colors and bold typography sprinkled throughout her work. i've asked her a few questions about her life as a designer, so check out her answers below.

The Stationery Place: Welcome, Katie! Tell us about yourself.

Katie: I am from South Dakota and graduated with a degree in Interior Design last May.  I married my high school sweet heart in 2007, who joined the Army.  We are finally living together after three and a half years of deployments and living apart due to me finishing my degree.  We are currently stationed at Fort Benning, GA, and even with a degree I have found it difficult to find employment in the area.  This has given me a chance to pursue my passion of designing weddings prints, invitations, cards and modern home prints.  I have always enjoyed being creative, whether it was drawing, painting, playing music or thinking of ways to decorate.    

 TSP: When did you open Twigs Print Studio?

K: I opened my Etsy shop in November 2011. I think my stationery can best be described as modern with vintage inspiration -- I love splashes of color & geometric patterns.  

TSP: What is your favorite color to use in design?

K: One color I cannot get enough of is a light grey, it looks great with almost any other color!

TSP: Do you find yourself repeatedly drawn to particular design elements?

K: Throughout my interior design education and into my print designs, I have always liked to have everything line up in a specific way. That's why geometric patterns or layouts really catch my eye. (I will never get sick of chevrons!).  If you take a look at most of my prints, all the type usually lines up with each other. I am very interested in Fibonacci and the Golden Ratio, it's amazing how a certain ratio is found throughout our world in art, architecture and design.

TSP: Tell us a bit about your work process.

K: My whole process basically revolves around technology.  I sketch ideas in a book, but do all my designs on the computer; over time, I have just added different techniques and knowledge to that system.  Different programs provide the ability to design unique prints, but I think the key is starting off with a concept and sketching.  This is one routine I have learned from my formal education, with any design, whether it's interior design or graphic design -- starting with a concept and sketching seems to bring out the best options. Practice safe design: use a concept.

all images courtesy of twigs print studio

follow twigs print studio on facebook and be sure to check out the etsy shop. thanks so much for this inside peek into your designer life, katie!

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