seattle locals: central library

i have driven past the seattle central library dozens of times, but haven't ventured inside. stephmodo recently posted her top 10 favorite things to do in seattle, and included some amazing photos of the library's interior. if i knew it looked like THIS inside, i would have stopped in months ago!

[photo from stephmodo.com]

check out stephanie's top 10 things to do in seattle. i need to check them out, especially those yummy restaurants! do you have any seattle favorites to share?


  1. i just went to this library for the first time ever last week and it SO nice. i will definitely be back soon. great place for co-working.

  2. I love this library! I just moved to Seattle last week, so thanks for the recommendation to check out Stephanie's blog.

  3. cool! i'm so glad you guys like it. and sheryl, welcome to seattle! if you need more ideas of things to do, see all my local tips here: http://www.thestationeryplace.com/search/label/seattle :)