seattle paper: blushing pearl

marsinah from blushing pearl was a handmade valentine swap participant two years in a row! i noticed her address this year because it is mysteriously close to mine, so we started emailing -- and guess what! marsinah and i both come from the same area of los angeles, and are now living in the same town in washington -- and, of course, we both love paper :) how's THAT for coincidental?

anyway, in talking with her, i had to give her etsy shop a closer look and i couldn't even believe the gorgeous cards being printed just a few miles away from me. i'm planning to check out her work in person soon, but in the meantime -- you and i get a little peek at the blushing pearl shop:

blushing pearl also does a bunch of custom work, including business cards! love these brightly-colored ones.

[all photos from blushing pearl]

be sure to check out the blushing pearl site and behind-the-scenes blog for even more letterpress fun.

p.s. now that we're including some seattle-specific (and non-paper-related) posts, all local stationery posts will be found under the seattle paper label.


  1. Awesome designer! YOu should tell her that she should offer letterpress classes, I've had such a hard time finding any locally. Off to peruse her etsy shop now.

  2. dually noted -- i agree, i think a class would be SO cool. thanks for the tip!