introducing: card showers

just found out about the coolest new service from hallmark and had to share: it's a card shower!

what's a card shower? it's a bombardment of happy snail mail! if you're reading this blog you probably agree that getting a card out of the blue is AWESOME -- so imagine finding a stack of cards in your mail every day for a week. i don't know about you, but that would totally make me happy.

i think this is one of the reasons i've always loved hallmark -- their goal is to help people make an emotional connection, and snail mail definitely does that. i've organized a few card drives here on the stationery place before (the valentine swaps or the cards for dads drive) and i've seen firsthand how happy some thoughtful mail can make someone, so i am all for this new service.

this nifty tool allows you to organize mail campaigns for any occasion -- teacher appreciation, wedding, birthday, bachelorette party, you name it. it looks super easy to use -- get started by creating your event page and inviting people to join, then use the page to track participation, send reminders and keep track of what's going on. you can invite as many people to participate as you want, and they can either buy & send a card right from their computer or go into a hallmark store to pick one out & mail. i've actually considered doing something like this for family members' milestone birthdays, but it always seemed like too much work or i'd get distracted and forget -- i'm definitely putting the card showers service to use in the near future!

now, the only question is...who in your life could use some awesome mail? :)

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