kids' finger-paint stationery

jack is interested in finger painting these days (and when i say interested, i mean he likes to make me pour out every color of paint so he can stick his finger in each one once and then be done...gotta love a one year old's attention span ;) so i decided to make it work for me.

we sat down for a little art activity. (no action shots of this because...um...have you ever tried finger painting with a toddler? you need like 8 arms and eyes like a hawk to prevent your house from being covered in paint.) i got out my trusty 12-color crayola washable finger paints & let him play around -- it turned out like this:

i let it dry, and then i cut it up to use as some textured patterned paper for my latest handmade stationery endeavor:

we sent the card to my grandma for her birthday. jack was pretty proud of himself.

for more simple kids' paper crafts, check these out:

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  1. LOVE this idea, friend! Maybe you could start a third blog for kids and crafts :)