NSS 2012, here i come!

some exciting news for this monday morning: i'm speaking at the national stationery show next month!

what's the national stationery show? only THE biggest event in the paper-loving world -- hundreds of stationery vendors, thousands of buyers, all converging on the javitz convention center for four glorious days of stationery madness. i have dreamed of attending NSS since i started this little blog (as noted, all the way back in 2009!), and spent the past three years gobbling up every photo, roundup and summary i could find online.

this year, i'm not only going for the first time ever, i'm speaking on a panel all about trends in stationery and social media -- along with three amazing bloggers (nole from oh so beautiful paper, kristen from paper crave, and suann from simplesong). to say i'm thrilled would be a major understatement.

to get ready for NSS, i'm running an extra-special ad program to feature companies who will be exhibiting their wares at the show. i'll feature you here on the stationery place in posts, sidebar buttons, and a special "NSS recommendations" page. if you're going to NSS and you're interested in generating some extra social media exposure, email me at stationeria(at)gmail.com for more info!

or just email me to tell me you'll be in NYC on may 21 or 22, because i'm pretty sure i would LOVE to meet you in person :)


  1. You have FINALLY made it in the Blog World! So cool :) I'm proud of you, and even more proud of this little blog you started out of a little idea two years ago and created into THIS! Have a blast, friend!

  2. Wowow, so exciting!! Can't wait to see a post about your talk :)

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