seattle locals: kelsey creek farm

last week jack and i got a chance to check out kelsey creek farm in bellevue. since moving to washington i've discovered plenty of actual farms and orchards, but this one is a little different because its purpose is education.  farmer jayne hosts school groups, birthday parties and summer camps designed to teach kids about farming and animals, with all sorts of fun activities like feeding chickens, riding ponies and petting bunnies.

the farm is right in the middle of a residential neighborhood and has a great little park and picnic area right on the grounds. the two barns date back to the 1930s and house some of the animals, plus a fantastic multi-purpose room full of barn animal toys, puzzles, books and games. you can book the space for birthday parties, which i think would be awesome -- you don't have to decorate or entertain or anything, just show up and let farmer jayne take over. brilliant.

tours and group activities are available -- sign up for a farm class through the bellevue parks department. they're recommended for kids 2 & up but jack (who is just a few months shy of 2) did great with the big kids. we had so much fun and i think we'll be back often -- if for no other reason than hearing jack say "neighhhh!" over and over :)

kelsey creek farm
410 130th pl SE
bellevue wa

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