hand-drawn birthday invitations

seattle has an AWESOME population of bloggers and social media people and i'm always so happy when i get to meet new online friends. (do you live in the PNW? you should join our seattle bloggers unite! facebook page or come to our monthly meetups!)

anyway, i met teressa from cashmere floral design at a recent meetup. a few days later, i saw these amazing hand-drawn birthday invitations she made for her husband's 30th birthday and i had to learn more. 

teressa drew each one on fabriano paper with a black ink pen, then wrote the party details on the back. i love the way each one is different, but the cards all kind of link together to form a big skyline. 

[all images courtesy teressa johnson, cashmere floral design]

i don't know about you, but i'd be totally excited to get a one-of-a-kind invitation like this in the mail. teressa was an art major but said she doesn't consider drawing to be a strong suit, which was interesting to me. i love the concept of creating a customized invitation without any formal training (of course, teressa's version is probably way better than something i would be able to draw;) and still ending up with an amazing result. she said each card took about 30 minutes to draw -- i hope her husband was REALLY impressed with his talented wife's dedication ;) 

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