kids' snail mail: pen pals

since moving to washington, we're now far away from all of our extended family. my husband's cousin had a baby just a month before jack was born, and whenever we're in utah we try to schedule a playdate for the two of them. in january, while i was at a conference, jack and presley played together all afternoon and even cried when it was time to leave.

so, when presley's mom suggested we become pen pals, i was ALL FOR IT. i mean, hello. what's not to love about getting your kid excited to check the mail?

this is a perfect project to keep in touch with friends or family you don't see regularly. i love the idea of jack and presley getting to know each other better, even though we live a thousand miles apart. besides, thanks to technology, traditional pen pals are definitely becoming a lost art. your kids might not even know what it means! (this wikipedia article is a fun little read, if you're interested in the subject.)

HOW TO DO IT: pen pal packages, especially for little kids, can contain whatever you want. think about the person you're sending to and package accordingly -- i know from personal experience that little kids love opening envelopes and packages, so i thought it would be fun for presley to have a few different ones to open. it's great to write a little note telling your pen pal more about yourself, draw some pictures, include some stickers or photos.

jack and i put together presley's first letter -- a tracing of jack's hand to say "hello," a big P that he colored himself (this went in its own separate envelope), and a little glassine envelope filled with sesame street stickers.

a few days later, he got his own little envelope in the mail -- a painting by presley and a little note transcribed by her mommy. he loved it and kept saying "wow! wow!" while opening the envelope.

such a fun idea! i'm already planning our next mailer for miss presley, and i totally recommend making one for your kids too.

for other ways to get your kids excited about snail mail, check these out:

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