national stationery show 2012: good ideas

here's a look at some of the best "good ideas" spotted at the 2012 national stationery show.

fill-in-the-blank thank you cards for kids, from elum designs! genius. jack needs these. 

also from elum: gorgeous boxed blank notes. what would i use these for? i think the right question is what WOULDN'T i use these for. #need

"manly" notecards from blackbird letterpress. [another trend discussed in our panel? the rise of male-friendly stationery. men need to write thank you cards too!]

stamped wax seals, spotted at the simplesong booth:

cool decorations in the smock booth -- paper leaves cut from their signature patterned papers:

hand-stitched envelopes (and chalkboard walls!) from B.T. elements:

more from the stationery show:

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