national stationery show 2012: new favorites

obviously i'm a bit of a paper addict, but thing i loved most about this year's stationery show was the chance to find a handful of new-to-me designers and studios. here's a bit more about my latest discoveries.

first up: farewell paperie. the second i walked into this booth, i knew i was destined for instant friendship. the walls were painted turquoise (my favorite color...are we noticing a theme here?), they were giving out jelly bellys (my favorite candy), and the owners lisa & jen just moved to SEATTLE of all places! it was meant to be, i tell you. i'm already planning a seattle paper series post about these girls, but in the meantime here's a peek at their cute booth.

the girls were also giving away letterpress bumper stickers -- i grabbed one that said "ink if you heart letterpress." adorable! (i borrowed this image from their twitter feed.)

the ladies of letterpress booth was amazing -- LOLP is an organization to encourage and promote women in the letterpress industry, and they had 11 members (all first-time exhibitors) showcase their wares in one giant booth. one of these ladies, meg from moglea, was so adorable i wanted to bring her home in my pocket. she had cool hair, a cute outfit, and beautiful stationery that included watercolor washes, hand lettering and customized envelope liners. AND she lives on a farm in iowa. yeah, she's pretty cool.

i also loved the dingbat press booth. i had heard of this studio beforehand but really liked getting a closer look at their cute tags, cards and notebooks. and their booth was AMAZING -- the walls were made out of hundreds of punched kraft paper circles! they did double duty as an awesome backdrop + a filing system for all the product. so cool.

loved this little series of iconic landmarks -- can you spot the space needle? (sorry for the awful lighting...that section of the show was really dark.)

(random side note: one of the girls working the dingbat press booth knew my sister in college -- in idaho! so funny that we'd meet each other in NYC of all places and have that connection.)

among the zillion booths i toured at the stationery show, these three stood out to me the most. i highly recommend checking out their shops / sites for all your stationery needs.

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  1. Love these! That kraft paper wawll installation is so creative!

  2. Ooh, can't wait to meet these new seattle folks - I love their stuff. I also was impressed with that double duty kraft paper wall, super clever!

  3. @valerie thanks! totally agree.

    @brianne -- they are awesome! hoping to get them out to a meetup :)