off to #NSS!

i'm on my way to NYC today for the national stationery show!

i can't wait to spend a few days in one of my favorite cities -- i did an internship in new york after i graduated from college (lived up near riverside park, worked in midtown) and would probably have stayed there forever if my then-boyfriend didn't show up on the top of the empire state building with an engagement ring. he already had a job in san francisco, my family still lived in LA, california just seemed like a better fit for us right then. i never regretted leaving NYC (and i LOVED living in CA and the other 3 states since then... ;), but sometimes i wish we could move back there. it's funny how life works out sometimes.

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the stationery show officially begins tomorrow, and my panel (called "top bloggers talk stationery trends") will happen monday at 2 p.m. i'll be surrounded by incredible amounts of pretty paper and will do my best to get it up here on the blog without delay -- but since i'm sure i'll be busy, be sure to check my twitter feed, @paperlyndsey, and my instagram (@lyndseywells or in that handy little widget on the sidebar >>>> ) for real-time updates. 

hooray for the national stationery show!

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