send something good 2012

taking a little break from my national stationery show coverage to share a fun package swap i participated in a few weeks ago. happy memorial day!

a few months ago i featured the shop isavirtue. shortly thereafter, kaitlyn and a few friends dreamed up the send something good project and i was totally in. how fun to be assigned a secret blog partner, put together a special package, and then receive another package from someone else!

i was assigned to surprise megan from here's to you mrs. robinson. i had never met her or read her blog before, but i was pleasantly surprised to find we had a lot in common -- both have a little boy, both went to the same college! funny. i put together a fun little package full of random trinkets & treasures. (i took this photo from megan's twitter feed.)

then, a few days later, i received an amazing package in the mail from nadine-adele at freebird. she lives in the UK and works at a stationery shop so she sent me all sorts of amazing cards & things that are right up my alley. i love the union jack cards and mug! too cute.

they were also packaged in a super cute little box full of red white & blue confetti. some of us just couldn't resist playing with it all day long :)

huge thanks to gentri, kaitlyn and kristy for setting up this whole project, and to my swap partners for being awesome. can't wait to do it again! (links to all the other participants after the jump.)


  1. thank you so much again for the awesome package! and the package you got was amazing and totally right for you! how cool that it all worked out perfectly. love it so much :)

  2. i love how something as small as confetti can be so entertaining to the little ones :)

  3. so glad you enjoyed yourself - it's so nice to get surprises in the mail!


  4. yes, this was such a fun project! @jen -- you have no idea, he played with it for hours!

  5. I'm drooling over the packaging that's happening in both the one you sent and received. It's absolutely amazing!! What a fun project:))