snail mail organization with sent well

sent-well is one those websites where i think, "now THAT's a good idea!" life gets busy and it's easy to forget birthdays or other important dates, let alone send a card out on time. that's where this handy little website comes in.

check out some of the awesome features provided by sent-well:

"sent for you" -- you get online (a place you spend a lot of time anyway, i'm guessing;), order a card and let sent-well take over -- they inscribe a hand-written, personalized message as directed by you and pop it in the mail. you can shop for a variety of cards of every subject and style -- not just "birthday" or "thank you," but fun things like zombie or plantable.

card calendar -- this feature allows you to fill in important dates and then receive a reminder two weeks beforehand so you never miss another birthday or anniversary.

card list -- like a netflix queue for cards! do all your card shopping ahead of time and add them to the list, and sent-well will send them out on a date you specify.

gift ideas -- and just in case you want a gift to go along with that card, sent-well has a collection of pretty jewelry to send too.

[all images courtesy of sent-well]

aren't these cards the best? i highly recommend checking out sent-well for all of your card (and organization!) needs.

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  1. I've used sent-well to send cards and I've also just purchased cards from the site to have on-hand at work for last minute birthdays, etc. Their card selection is fantastic - you won't find these cards at Hallmark....LOVE them!