father's day (and more) by hello! lucky

phew! thanks for staying with me through that whole week of national stationery show posts! we had a LOT of photos of paper to get through. :) this week we'll take a breather and get back to our regularly scheduled, easygoing programming.

starting with ADORABLE father's day cards from hello! lucky! (public service announcement: father's day is less than 2 weeks away! go buy one of these cards NOW and put it in the mail.) hello lucky has been one of my favorite stationery studios since before i started blogging and i'm always so impressed with the beauties they keep churning out over there.

i think i loved this next one the most, thanks to a particular one-year-old who is really into trucks right now. we read tip tip dig dig regularly around here and jack yells "dig! dig!" whenever we see a digger around town. my husband will receive this card on june 17 :)

the folks at hello lucky sent me a couple cards from their new line and i LOVED seeing them up close. here are a few of my faves from their newest line of greeting cards -- you can order all of these online in their shop or at specialty stationery stores across the country.

[this image is mine...all others on this post are from hellolucky.com]

THIS was the best card of all! hooray, seattle

be sure to check out hello! lucky online, follow them on twitter, like them on facebook, and let me know in the comments which one of these is your favorite!

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